Creating a content

Creating a content

This article explains how to make create a content Contza. By end of this page you will have your first content created and ready to be used.

Creating a content

First we will create a content in Contza. You can do this at My Websites -> Your Website -> Contents by clicking the "Add content" button at top right corner.

Create a Contza content

Content options

Let's quickly go through the options you can use when creating a content.


This one is simple, just the display name of the content.


An identifier of the content. If your content is a page, you need to use the same slug as in your website's page structure. For example if your page is served "/about-me", you should set the slug to "about-me" The slug won't matter when your content is not a page but instead it's for a component such as navbar, for example.

Define as a page

This option defines whether your content is a page or not. If your content is a page, you need to define the slugs based on your page structure, just like described above.

Define as a root content

Your website probably has an index page which doesn't have a slug ( If you are creating a content for this page you should enable this option. In this situation you can set your slug into whatever you like but we advice you to set it into "index".


Collection makes it possible to nest contents and have multiple contents inside another. It basically acts as a folder. This is very useful when you are creating a blog or nesting pages inside another.

Here are a few examples when you need to use collection option:

  • You are creating a blog with /blog and /blog/[id] routes. In this case your would create a content with "blog" slug, and then inside the that content you would add the posts you like.
  • When you want a page structure like this /services, /services/a and /services/b. In this case you would create a content with "services" slug, and then inside that content you would add the the contents with "index", "a" and "b" slugs.


Pinned is just a visual thing in the CMS and doesn't affect any technical things. It basically adds the content into the content sidebar on the left side of the screen.

Congratulations! You now know how to create contents in Contza! You can now move forward into making the created content editable.